Saturday, 12 January 2019

AHPC IX Bonus Theme - Reconnaissance

Part of the Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge is a series of Bonus Rounds, each of which is based on a particular theme and is worth an extra 50 points to your total if you get an entry in. Given that the theme of the Challenge this year is 'Fellowship', my aim is to enter each of the Bonus Rounds with something from the Lord of the Rings. I have quite a few of the GW LoTR figures, although not that many are painted, so hopefully this will get me cracking on cranking out a few more so that I can try out the new rules released by GW towards the end of last year.

The theme for the first Bonus Round was 'Reconnaissance', and straight away my thoughts turned to Uruk-Hai Scouts. One of my favourite scenes from the first movie was the Breaking of the Fellowship at Amon Hen and I have two boxes of the plastic Scouts, so I set out to paint as many as possible by the deadline; in the end I managed 16.

First up are 8 Scouts armed with bows.

These are joined by 8 armed with swords or swords and shields.

"Find the Halfling!"

Aerial shot of the group (plus Lurtz, painted many years ago!)

I wanted a dark look to the figures so they are finished in various browns and greys before being washed heavily in GW Nuln Oil. At some point in the future I may add some white hands to shields, faces and armour for a bit of variety and as a contrast to all the dark colours,but for now these are done and maybe I will get to finish the rest of the box by the end of the Challenge.

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