Sunday, 3 February 2019

5th Painting Challenge Entry Part 2 - Norwegian Leopard and Modern Brits

My second entry was a return to my Conflict in Norway project. I completed a second British Infantry section and a 3-man HQ element.

First Fire Team

Second Fire Team


Group shot

These are all Liberation Miniatures, from their 1990s British Range. These figures are the BACR figures - SA80, LSW and RTO codes. I will be adding GPMGs, Carl Gustav MAWs and a light mortar, as well as the final section for a platoon of infantry that can also double as Royal Marines.

Next up is a Revell 1/72 Leopard 1A5. At the time I have in mind for Conflict in Norway (late 80s/early 90s), the Norwegians were running the 1A3 version of the Leopard, but this was nearly 50% off in Wonderland models, so 1A5 it is! (EDIT - new info on Cold War Hot Hot Hot now states that the Norwegians actually had their own version of the 1A5, so happy days, this isn't wrong after all!) I see this as a tank from the Norwegian Brigade North, operating in deep snow, so I skipped the use of pigments and just modelled snow on the tracks and around the hull. The angular camo was inspired by these pics:

The camo took a while to do, but I am pleased with how it has come out.


As well as finishing off the British platoon, I have another Challenger and Leopard to do, and I want to do a small Norwegian Home Guard unit. Apparently the Norwegians stockpiled huge amounts of older weapons, to be accessed by the Home Guard in the event of war, so this unit is going to be made up of figures from several different Liberation Miniatures ranges and armed with an eclectic mix of weapons. I am looking forward to it!

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